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XML and Web Services

Scripting Web page designing using HTML. Scripting basics - Client side and server side scripting. Javascript - Object, Names. Literals, Operators and expressions - Statements and features - Events - Windows - Documents - Frames - Data types - Built-in functions - Browser object model - Verifying forms - HTML 5-CSS3 - HTML 5 canvas - Web site creation using tools. JAVA Introduction to object oriented programming - Features of Java - Data types, Variables and arrays Operators - Control statements - Classes and methods - Inheritance. Packages and interfaces - Exception handling - Multithreaded programming - Input/Output - Files - Utility classes - String handling. JDBC JDBC overview - JDBC implementation - Connection class - Statements - Catching database results, Handling database queries. Networking - InetAddress class - URL class - TCP sockets - UDP sockets, Java beans - RMI. Applets Java applets - Life cycle of an applet - Adding images to an applet - Adding sound to an applet. Passing parameters to an applet. Event handling. Introducing AWT : Working with Windows graphics and text. Using AWT controls, Layout managers and menus. Servlet - Life cycle of a servlet. The servlet API, Handling HTTP request and response, Using cookies, Session tracking. Introduction to JSP. XML and Web Services XML - Introduction - Form navigation - XML documents - XSL - XSLT - Web services-UDDI-WSDL - Java web services - Web resources.

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789333201957For Anna University

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.A.Puntambekar

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