Water Supply Engineering | Santhosh Kumar Garg
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Language: English

Publisher: Khanna Publishers

Pages : 1054

Used as : Environmental Engineering 1

ISBN-13 : 9788174091208

ISBN-10 :8174091203

Water Supply Engineering by S.K. Garg is a guide thats designed to help students and professionals learn how to create an efficient water supply system in an economical manner. The book has been divided into twenty chapters, and it covers topics like Sources of Water, Water Demand, Water Treatment in Swimming Pools and Water Supply Plumbing Systems in Buildings and Houses, Purification of Water Supplies, and Intakes for Collecting Surface Water. Multiple choice questions are provided for each chapter, and the book also has separate chapters that cover questions for Engineering Service Exams and the Civil Services Examination. For purposes of practical understanding, the book has a chapter dedicated for laboratory experiments in Water Supply Engineering.

Table of Contents

Introduction to S.l. Units

  1. Introduction
  2. Water Demands
  3. Sources of Water, Hydrological Concepts, and Study of Surfaces Sources
  4. Development of Ground Water
  5. Intakes For Collecting Surface Water
  6. Conduits for Transporting Water
  7. Pumps for Lifting Water
  8. Quality Control of Municipal and Industrial Water Supplies
  9. Purification of Water Supplies
  10. Distribution System
  11. Water Supply Plumbing Systems in Buildings and Houses.
  12. Water Supplies of Small Communities in Rural Area
  13. Planning and Preparing Water Supply Projects
  14. Water Treatment in Swimming Pools
  15. Laboratory Experiments in Water Supply Engineering
  16. Chapterwise Multichoice Objective Questions
  17. Conventional Questions of the Engineering
  18. Objective Questions of the Engineering Services Exams
  19. Conventional Questions of Civil Services Exams (Water Supply Portion)
  20. Objective Questions of AMIE Exams

Appendix Table
Appendix Table A-1
Appendix Table A-2
Appendix Table A-3
Appendix Table A-4
Appendix Table A-5
Appendix Table A-6
Appendix Table A-7

Publication Khanna Publishers
Writer Santhosh Kumar Garg
ISBN-10 8174091203
ISBN-13 9788174091208

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