Unit Operations II (Heat and Mass Transfer) | K.A.Gavahne
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Sale Unit Operations II (Heat and Mass Transfer) | K.A.Gavahne

Unit Operations II (Heat and Mass Transfer) by K.A.Gavahne


K. A. Gavhane’s Unit Operations-II [Heat and Mass Transfer] – Twenty Fifth Edition, published by Nirali Prakashan, is a comprehensive book for Chemical Engineering students and others who have opted for the subject in various courses. It consists of topics like: Conduction, Convection, Radiation, Heat Exchange Equipment, Evaporation, Diffusion, Distillation, Gas Absorption, Liquid Extraction, Crystallisation, and Drying.

About Nirali Prakashan

Nirali Prakashan is a sister concern of Pragati Group, one of India’s oldest sources of authoritative academic content. It specializes in quality text books for students from Class II to post graduation. Their books of all academic genres are compiled by esteemed academicians, and conform to the syllabi prescribed in Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Shivaji, North Maharashtra and Marathwada Universities. Some of the titles published by Nirali Prakashan are: A Text Book of Pharmacognosy, Basic Electronics, Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology, Business Demography and Environmental Studies, and Chemical Energy Drawing.

Language: English

Publisher: Nirali Prakashan Publishers

ISBN-10: 8196396120

ISBN-13: 9788196396121

Publication Nirali Prakashan Publishers
Writer K.A.Gavahne
ISBN-10 8196396120
ISBN-13 9788196396121

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