Types of People in Your Whatsapp Group

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How good and fast whatsapp is. I can't even imagine a day without my whatsapp.One of the annoying thing about whatsapp is the "Groups"

Yeah some of the groups might be annoying, For example one of my friend created a group to plan the trip to my other friend's marriage out of station, but sadly he is having a child now and still iam getting Good Moring and Good Night messages in the "Wedding Planning Group" Lol it is the reality

Here are the types of Characters in each and every whatsapp group


1) All Time Forwards 

Always forwards lengthy messages which no one literally reads fully. Out of which the image guessing forwards makes many people fell like most tallented people in the lot

2) One who Wishes everyone without fail " Good Night , Good Morning, Sweet Dreams"

I even think whether these people wish their mom and dad in the morning, may be i should add them in the group.

3) Planning Guy

But sadly most of them end up with zero attendance

4) Group Name and Icon Changer

For each and every occasion this guy changes the name and icon, sometimes this guy is accurate in timing too, especially during birthdays

5) Smiley Lover

whatsapp smiley full

6)Videos and photo sharer

Sometimes i doubt how did he gets all kinds of videos.

7) Plan Breaker

Plan breaker

This guy has all sorts of reasons to break the plan

8) The one who leaves the group for no reason, all the time

Thinks too much of themselves. Reality is no one cares

9)The controversial guy 

No matter what the group members are talking, this guy makes it into a hot debate.

10) Controversy stopper

They think themselves as the most calm and realistic person, but i doubt how many of the group thinks the same


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