Surveying 2 | Dr.B.C.Punmia , Er.Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr.Arun Kumar Jain
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Sale Surveying 2 | Dr.B.C.Punmia , Er.Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr.Arun Kumar Jain

SURVEYING 2 byDr.B.C.Punmia , Er.Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr.Arun Kumar Jain

An informative and comprehensive textbook on the subject of surveying, Surveying (Volume - 2) is a continuation of the first volume.

Summary Of The Book

Surveying may be defined as the science, profession and technique of precisely determining the terrestrial position of different points and the angles and distances between them. This branch of civil engineering is carried out by licensed surveyors, and these points are helpful in establishing land maps of different kinds.Surveying (Volume - 2)is the continuation of Volume 1 of the book.

This informative textbook spans over sixteen chapters, providing factual and in-depth information on topics like Topographic Surveying, Photogrammetric Surveying, Field Astronomy, Remote Sensing, Hydrographic Surveying and Electro-magnetic Distance Measurement (EDM).
In addition to the text, the book also provides several descriptive illustrations of the latest and different measuring instruments used in surveying, such as Total Station, Wild T-2 and Electronic Theodolites. This is accompanied by many numerical examples to aid the learning and understanding process.

Surveying (Volume - 2)also contains advanced questions to help the reader to gain a competitive edge in exams.

About The Authors

Dr. B. C. Punmiais a prominent Indian author and professor.

He has also authoredBuilding Construction, Project Planning And Control With Pert And CPM, Limit State Design Of Reinforced Concrete, Soil Mechanics And Foundations, and Water Supply Engineering.

Dr. Punmia procured his doctoral degree in 1976, and became a Professor in 1978, and has teaching experience of almost four decades. He has also served as the Head of Civil Engineering and as the Faculty Dean of Engineering at M. B. M. Engineering College in Jodhpur. He has consulted for several organizations as well.

Dr. Ashok K. Jainis an Indian author, civil engineer and professor.

He has also authored books likeElementary Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete: Limit State Design and Higher Surveying.

Dr. Jain completed his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Roorkee, and his doctorate from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, in civil engineering. He served at the University of Roorkee in several capacities, such as lecturer, professor and reader, and left to become the Director of the Malaviya National Institute of Technology in Jaipur.

Dr. Arun K. Jainis an Indian author and professor of civil engineering.

He is currently employed as an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at M. B. M. Engineering College in Jodhpur.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Curve Surveying I : Simple Circular Curves
Chapter 2 Curve Surveying II : Compound and Reverse Curves
Chapter 3 Curve Surveying III : Transition Curves
Chapter 4 Curve Surveying IV : Vertical Curves
Chapter 5 Trigonometrical Levelling
Chapter 6 Hydrographic Surveying
Chapter 7 Mine Surveying
Chapter 8 Triangulation
Chapter 9 Survey Adjustments and Theory of Errors
Chapter 10 Topographic Surveying
Chapter 11 Route Serveying
Chapter 12 Special Instruments
Chapter 13 Field Astronomy
Chapter 14 Photogrammetric Surveying
Chapter 15 Electro-Magnetic Distance Measurement (EDM)
Chapter 16 Remote Sensing

Language: English

Publisher: Laxmi Publications (P) Ltd

ISBN-10: 8170088836

ISBN-13: 9788170088837

Length: 658

Publication Laxmi Publications
Writer Dr.B.C.Punmia , Er.Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr.Arun Kumar Jain

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