Software Testing Techniques | Boris Beizer
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Software Testing Techniques, 2nd Edition is the first book-length work that explicitly addresses the idea that design for testability is as important as testing itself - not just by saying that testability is a desirable goal, but by showing the reader how it to do it. Every chapter has testability guidelines that illustrate how the technique discussed in the chapter can be used to make software more easily tested and therefore more reliable and maintainable. Application of all techniques to unit, integration, maintenance and system testing are discussed throughout this book.

Special Features

  • Addresses the enormous impact that the field of cognitive neuroscience now has on the study and understanding of mental life and behavior
  • Contains Cut-Across sections on the development, brain function, individual differences and dysfunctions that occur in that realm of mental life
  • Includes a Brain-Behavior Circle feature that centers on a common everyday activity that helps clarify the remarkable brain events that give life to the activity
  • Employs an organizational approach designed to uncover the fascinating relationships between concepts in seemingly disparate fields


Author : Boris Beizer


Publisher: Dreamtech Press


Edition : 2 edition


ISBN-10: 8177222600


ISBN-13: 978-8177222609

Edition/Regulation 2e
Publication Dreamtech Press
Writer Boris Beizer
ISBN-10 8177222600
ISBN-13 9788177222609

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