R. C. C Design (Reinforced Concrete Structures)
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R. C. C Design (Reinforced Concrete Structures) by Dr. P. C. Punmia , Er. Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr. Arun K. Jain

ISBN-10 : 8131809420

ISBN-13 : 9788131809426

In R.C.C. Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures), readers will get to learn about the concept of reinforced concrete structures and their importance in the field of modern construction.

Summary Of The Book

Reinforcing concrete structures is defined as the process of improving the properties of concrete by reinforcing external components. The most common form of reinforcement is that of steel bars. It is essential to understand the properties and limitations of the materials used for reinforcement. R.C.C. Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures) encompasses 48 chapters that give comprehensive details about limit state design and working stress design. You will also find descriptive content related to pre-stressed concrete, bridges, buildings, and water tanks.

Designs and examples have been liberally used to explain the concepts in detail. You will find that every chapter in the book gives you a clear and admissible definition of the subject at hand. The authors have explained all the related design procedures, theories and principles in every chapter. Detailed drawings, illustrations, designs and examples help readers understand the core principles of Reinforced Concrete Structures. This edition has also included formulae for estimating the modulus of elasticity of concrete. Updated information regarding maximum and minimum spacing for shear reinforcement has also been added. Construction engineers, students as well as teachers will benefit from this book.

R.C.C. Designs (Reinforced Concrete Structures) has six chapters. The first chapter is about Working Stress Method followed by a chapter on water tanks. Miscellaneous Structures like bunkers, portal frames, and chimneys are included in the third chapter. The fourth and fifth chapters explain about concrete bridges and limit state design respectively. Miscellaneous topics and pre-stressed concrete are dealt with in the final chapter. The book includes appendices on reinforcement, BM and SF coefficients, and loadings.

About The Authors

Dr. B. C. Punmia is an author and a professor. Other books written by him are Mechanics of Materials, Surveying Vol. I, Soil Mechanics and Foundations, and Limit State Design of Reinforced Concrete. Punmia has authored almost 18 books. Most of his books are used as textbooks. He has also written several papers, technical reports and monographs. His work has been published in numerous Indian and international journals. Purnima started his career as an assistant professor and then progressed to become a reader and a professor. A PhD holder, Punmia has a teaching career of over 36 years. He was also the dean of the faculty of engineering at M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur.

Ashok Kumar Jain is a field and design engineer. Some of the other books by him are SMTS: I Strength of Materials, Comprehensive Design of Steel Structures and Wastewater Engineering. The domain of civil engineering is his forte and most of his literary work is in this field.

Arun K. Jain is an assistant professor. He has written other books like Basic Civil Engineering and Building Construction. Arun Kumar Jain is an assistant professor of civil engineering at M.B.M. Engineering College. He has won gold medals at BE and ME levels. He is an enthusiastic mentor for students pursuing their ME degree.

Publication Laxmi Publication
Writer Dr. P. C. Punmia , Er. Ashok Kumar Jain, Dr. Arun K. Jain
ISBN-10 8131809420
ISBN-13 9788131809426

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