Principles of Electromagnetics | Matthew N.O.Sadiku
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Principles of Electromagnetics by Matthew N.O.Sadiku

Language: English

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN-10: 019806229X

ISBN-13: 9780198062295

Length: 754 Pages

Principles of Electromagnetics, Fourth Edition, is a handbook for engineering aspirants who wish to learn about electrostatics, magnetostatics, and several other theories that make up the study of electromagnetics. With the use of vectors-first approach, the book throws light on waves, fields, and applications such as waveguides, transmission lines, and antennas. The book features solved examples that help in making the concepts easier for students to understand. The syllabus is also well tailored, as this revised edition presents concise theoretical information that is relevant to the present-day industry. The book introduces students to vector analysis and MATLAB, along with its in-depth chapters on static and time-varying fields.

Matthew N.O. Sadikuis a professor who works in the field of Electrical Engineering. A PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, Sadiku received the 2000 McGraw-Hill/Jacob Millman award for his contribution to the field, and is a member of IEEE.Some of his other works are Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics and Elements of Electromagnetics. He served as a professor at Temple University (Philadelphia) and Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton), before shifting to Praire View A&M University. Sadiku has authored more than 170 professional papers, and 30 books that are translated and used around the world.


Table of Contents

A Note to the Student

PART 1. Vector Analysis
1. Coordinate Systems and Transformation
2..Vector calculus

PART 2. Electrostatics
3. Electrostatic Fields
4. Electric Fields in Material Space
5. Electrostatic Boundary - Value Problems

PART 3. Magnetostatics
6. Magnetostatic Fields
7. Magnetic Forces, Materials, and Devices

PART 4. Waves and Applications
8. Maxwell's Equations
9. Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
10. Transmission Lines
11. Waveguides
12. Antennas
13. Numerical Methods

Appendix A Vector Algebra
Appendix B Mathematical Formulas
Appendix C Material Constants
Appendix D Matlab
Appendix E The Complete Smith Chart
Appendix F Answers to Selected Problems

Publication Oxford University Press
Writer Matthew N.O.Sadiku
ISBN-10 019806229X
ISBN-13 9780198062295

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