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Power Plant Engineering by P.K. Nag

Power Plant Engineering 4th Edition by P. K. Nag is designed to educate a reader on all the important concepts and topics of power plant engineering. The book addresses all the important topics of the subject like where power plants are located and the economy behind them. It also analyzes different steam cycles and the combined power generation by them. The book also provides the reader with information on fuels, combustion, generation of steam, steam turbines, circulating water systems and much more, thus making the reader highly proficient on the subject.

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Language: English

Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill

ISBN-10: 0070648158

ISBN-13: 9780070648159

Length: 950 Pages

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction: Economics of Power Generation

Chapter 2. Analysis of Steam Cycles

Chapter 3. Combined Cycle Power Generation

Chapter 4. Fuels and Combustion

Chapter 5. Combustion Mechanism, Combustion Equipment and Firing Methods

Chapter 6. Steam Generators

Chapter 7. Steam Turbines

Chapter 8. Condenser, Feed water and Circulating Water Systems

Chapter 9. Nuclear Power Plants

Chapter 10. Hydroelectric Power Plant

Chapter 11. Diesel Engine and Gas Turbines Power Plants

Chapter 12. Energy Storage

Chapter 13. Non-Conventional Power Generation

Chapter 14. Environmental Degradation and use of Renewable Energy

Publication Tata McGraw Hill Education
Writer P.K. Nag
ISBN-10 0070648158
ISBN-13 9780070648159

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