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Power Electronics


A Guideline for student to understand Study of switching devices, 2-pulse, 3-pulse and 6-pulse converters, Step-down and step-up chopper, Single phase AC voltage controllers

A detail description on Power Semi-conductor Devices : Study of switching devices - Frame, Driver and snubber circuit of SCR, TRIAC, BJT, IGBT, MOSFET- Turn-on and turn-off characteristics, Switching losses, Commutation circuits for SCR. Phase-Controlled Converters : 2-pulse, 3-pulse and 6-pulse converters - Effect of source inductance - Performance parameters - Reactive power control of converters - Dual converters - Battery charger. III DC to DC Converter : Step-down and step-up chopper - Time ratio control and current limit control - Buck, Boost, Buck-boost converter, Concept of resonant switching - SMPS. Inverters : Single phase and three phase (both 120º mode and 180º mode) inverters - PWM techniques : Sinusoidal PWM, Modified sinusoidal PWM - Multiple PWM - Introduction to space vector modulations - Voltage and harmonic control - Series resonant inverter - Current source inverter. AC to AC Converters: Single phase AC voltage controllers - Multistage sequence control - Single and three phase cycloconverters - Introduction to integral cycle control, Power factor control and matrix converters.

Author : Dr.J.S.Chitode

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789350991398

Publication Technical Publications
Writer Dr.J.S.Chitode
ISBN-10 935099139X
ISBN-13 9789350991398

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