Object Oriented Programming with C++ | Balagurusamy .E | 3rd Edition
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Object Oriented Programming with C++ by Balagurusamy .E 

Ideal book to learn Programming:

Its always advisable to rely on a particular book when you are learning something new on your own. As the name suggests, Object Orients Programming with C++, the book introduces its readers with concepts of Object Oriented Programming using the programming language C++. However, it is essential that the reader should have basic knowledge of the programming language C, however it is not mandatory for the reader to have a certain sense of proficiency in programming before picking up this book.

Major contents included:

The book sheds light upon many concepts that are crucial to Object Orients Programming. Some of them are overloading, RTTI, type casting and abstract classes. The other topics that the book goes through are dynamic memory allocation, structures and union, etc. The author uses a direct language which is extremely easy and illustrative so that the students can understand the concepts of Object Orients Programming in C++ effectively.

The book includes as many as 116 sample programs, 67 debugging exercises, 225 questions to test the proficiency of students in the C++ language and also 95 exercises on programming. The book also contains questions pertaining to C++ that are technical in nature and very likely to be asked in interviews.

About the Author

The author of the book, E. Balagurusamy is a software consultant, coach and a writer. His works include multiple books in the concepts of programming and also programming languages. Vice-Chancellor of the Anna University in Chennai, India, E. Balagurusamy has a degree of M.E. in Electrical Engineering along with a Doctorate in Systems Engineering.

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Paperback: 614 pages


Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Education


Edition: Third edition


Language: English


ISBN-10: 0070593620


ISBN-13: 9780070593626


Condition Used
Edition/Regulation 3rd
Publication Tata McGraw Hill Education
Writer Balagurusamy .E
ISBN-10 0070593620
ISBN-13 9780070593626

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