Money, Banking and International Trade
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Money, Banking and International Trade


  • Nature and Functions of Money
  • Types and Kinds of Money
  • Value of Money
  • The Demand for and Supply of Money
  • Money Supply and Price level
  • Business Cycles and Trade Cycles
  • Inflation and Deflation
  • Concepts of Baumol, Gurley & Shaw & Gibson Paradox
  • Evolution and Functions of Bank
  • Central Banking and Reserve Bank of India
  • Credit Control
  • Indian Banking  System
  • Banker and Customer and their Relationship
  • Cheques, Crossing and Endorsement
  • Payments and Collection of  Cheques and Pass Book
  • Employment of Bank Funds
  • Types of Securities
  • Discounting of Bills
  • Letters of Credit
  • Money Market
  • Monetary Policy
  • Reserve Bank and Financial Institutions
  • International Trade
  • Foreign Exchange and Exchange Control
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Euro Currency
  • G.A.T.T. Uruguay Round &W.T.O. (TRIPs & TRIMs)
  • Objective Type of Questions
  • Glossary
  • Past University Question Papers


By: S. Sankaran
For: B.B.A., B.B.M. and B.Com., Courses.
Publication Margham Publication
Writer S. Sankaran

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