Modern Algebra
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Modern Algebra



  • Introductory Concepts
  • Groups and Subgroups
  • Permutation Groups
  • Cyclic Groups
  • Complexes, Cosets and Lagrange's Theorem
  • Homomorphism
  • Normal Subgroups and Quotient Groups
  • Rings and Fields
  • Sub Rings and Sub Fields
  • Ring Homomorphisms
  • Maximal Ideals and Prime Ideals
  • Euclidean Rings
  • Polynomial Rings
  • Vector Spaces
  • Basis and Linear Transformations
  • Linear Transformation
  • Inner Product Spaces
  • Matrices and Liner Transformations
  • Linear Equations
  • Conjugacy and Class Equation


By: S.G. Venkatachalapathy
For: B.Sc. Mathematics Major.
Condition NEW
Publication Margham Publication
Writer S.G. Venkatachalapathy

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