Microprocessor and Microcontroller (ECE/CSE/IT) | A.P Godse, D.A Godse
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Microprocessor and Microcontroller byA.P Godse, D.A Godse for ECE Branch


The 8086 Microprocessor
8086 System Bus Structure
I/O Interfacing
Interfacing Microcontrollers

The 8086 Microprocessor Introduction to 8086 - Microprocessor architecture - Addressing modes - Instruction set and assembler directives - Assembly language programming - Modular programming - Linking and relocation - Stacks - Procedures - Macros - Interrupts and interrupt service routines - Byte and string manipulation. 8086 System Bus Structure 8086 signals - Basic configurations - System bus timing - System design using 8086 - IO programming - Introduction to multiprogramming - System bus structure - Multiprocessor configurations - Coprocessor, Closely coupled and loosely coupled configurations - Introduction to advanced processors. I/O Interfacing Memory interfacing and I/O interfacing - Parallel communication interface - Serial communication interface - D/A and A/D interface - Timer - Keyboard/display controller - Interrupt controller - DMA controller - Programming and applications Case studies : Traffic light control, LED display, LCD display, Keyboard display interface and alarm controller. Microcontroller Architecture of 8051 - Special Function Registers (SFRs) - I/O pins ports and circuits - Instruction set - Addressing modes - Assembly language programming. Interfacing Microcontrollers Programming 8051 timers - Serial port programming - Interrupts programming - LCD and keyboard interfacing - ADC, DAC and sensor interfacing - External memory interface- Stepper motor and waveform generation.

Author: A.P Godse ,D.A Godse

Language: English

Publisher: Technical Publication

ISBN: 9789350998670

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.P Godse, D.A Godse
ISBN-10 935099867X
ISBN-13 9789350998670

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