Microprocessor and its Applications
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Microprocessor and its Applications



  • Introduction to Microcomputer
  • 8085 Microprocessor
  • Instruction Classifications of 8085 MP
  • Instruction Set of 8085
  • Programming Techniques such as Looping, Counting and Addressing Modes
  • Assembly Language
  • Writing Assembly Language Programs
  • Dynamic Debugging and Time Delay
  • Debugging Counter and Time Delay Program
  • Stack and Subroutines
  • Conditional Call and Return Instructions
  • Code Conversion-I
  • Code Conversion-II
  • BCD Arithemetic
  • Hexadecimal, Modulo 10 and Pulse Timing for Flashing Lights
  • Interrupts in 8085
  • DMA, Memory Interfacing and I/O Interfacing
  • Programmable Peripheral Interface (8255)
  • Appendix A to E


By: P. Rizwan Ahmed
For: B.Sc. Comp. Sci., Software Engg., & B.C.A. Courses.
Condition NEW
Publication Margham Publication
Writer P. Rizwan Ahmed

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