Mechatronics | W.Bolton | 4th Edition
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Author: W.Bolton

Language: English

Publisher: Pearson

Edition: 4th

ISBN-10: 8131732533

ISBN-13: 9788131732533


Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems In Mechanical And Electrical Engineering is a book that provides the readers with detailed insights into the subject of mechatronics.

Summary Of The Book

Mechatronics is the field of engineering, which involves a combination of electrical engineering, computer engineering, control engineering, and mechanical engineering. This field of engineering forbids treating these disciplines as individual entities.

Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems In Mechanical And Electrical Engineeringprovides the readers with a thorough guide into different key aspects of the subject of mechatronics. This book aims at providing the readers with a practical approach into the techniques for successfully designing mechatronic systems. Numerous case-studies have also been included in this edition, which provide the readers with a real-world context. Bolton starts off by providing the readers with insights into the subject of mechatronics, and delves into the design process, control systems, programmable logic controller, and measurement systems.

In total, there are 24 chapters in this book. Some of them include Artificial Intelligence, Input/Output Systems, Closed-Loop Controllers, Frequency Response, Microprocessors, Dynamic Responses Of Systems, Data Presentation Systems, Sensors And Transducers, and Introducing Mechatronics.

At the end of each chapter, Bolton has included a brief summary, along with a list of problems that are intended for testing the understanding of the readers. This edition also comes with a new chapter on the subject of artificial intelligence, covering topics such as learning, reasoning, and perception, and cognition. In this book, the readers are also guided into programming using the C programming language, and its application in the field of mechatronics. Bolton also explains a number of concepts pertaining to assembly language, and its relationship with mechatronics. This edition also comes with self test questions, exercises, and models for mechatronic systems.

About W. Bolton

W. Bolton is an author and engineer.

Bolton has writtenDifferentiation & Integration, Linear Equations And Matrices, Technology Of Engineering Materials, and Programmable Logic Controllers.

Bolton has worked as a Lecturer at Buckingham Chilterns University College, UK. He has also served as a part of the Nuffield Advanced Physics team, and as a consultant for UNESCO in Thailand and Argentina. Bolton has also been a part of the Business and Technician Education Council, where he served as the Head of Research and Development. He has also been a Senior Lecturer in a College of Technology.

Edition/Regulation 4e
Publication Pearson
Writer W.Bolton
ISBN-10 8131732533
ISBN-13 9788131732533

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