Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)
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Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics)





  • Introduction
  • Forces acting at a Point
  • Parallel Forces and Moments
  • Friction
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Equilibrium of Strings
  • Stability of Equilibrium
  • Virtual Work


  • Kinematics of Point
  • Kinetics - Newton's Laws of Motion
  • Work, Power and Energy
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Motion in a Resisting Medium
  • Plane Motion - Projectiles
  • Impulse - Impulsive Forces
  • Circular Motion
  • Coplanar Motion - Central Orbits
  • Moment of Inertia
  • Motion of a Rigid Body - Rotation about a Fixed Axis


By: S.G. Venkatachalapathy
For: B.Sc. Mathematics Major.
Condition NEW
Edition/Regulation 1st Edition
Publication Margham Publication
Writer S.G. Venkatachalapathy
ISBN-10 9381430381
ISBN-13 9789381430385

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