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Mechanical Metallurgy is a complete reference for undergraduate and postgraduate Mechanical, Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers studying a course in Metallurgy. The book begins with a basic level introduction of Metallurgy and requires no previous knowledge of Material Science. It covers basic relationships between stress and strain and the theory of plasticity. Further, it moves to cover Material Experiments and Testing. In addition, the book covers Metal Forming for the students to place the subject in a practical context.

About George Dieter

Dr. George Dieter is Professor Emeritus and Glenn L. Martin Institute Professor of Engineering at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland. He has also written Engineering Design.

Dr. Dieter completed his Sc.D. at Carnegie-Mellon University. His research interests include: Materials Processing, Engineering Design, Quality Engineering and Engineering Education.


Table of Contents

Part I: Mechanical Fundamentals

1 Introduction
2 Stress and Strain Relationships for Elastic Behavior
3 Elements of the Theory of Plasticity

Part II: Metallurgical Fundamentals

4 Plastic Deformation of Single Crystals
5 Dislocation Theory
6 Strengthening Mechanisms
7 Fracture

Part III: Applications to Materials Testing

8 The Tension Test
9 The Hardness Test
10 The Torsion Test
11 Fracture Mechanics
12 Fatigue of Metals
13 Creep and Stress Rupture
14 Brittle Fracture and Impact Testing

Part IV: Plastic Forming of Metals

15 Fundamentals of Metalworking
16 Forging
17 Rolling of Metals
18 Extrusion
19 Drawing of Rods, Wires and Tubes
20 Sheet-Metal Forming
21 Maching of Metals

Publication Mcgrawhill
ISBN-10 0071004068
ISBN-13 9780071004060
Writer George E. Dieter

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