Manufacturing Technology 1 | Anup Goel
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Manufacturing Technology 1 by Anup Goel


Metal Casting Processes
Joining Processes
Metal Forming Processes
Manufacture of Plastic Components

Metal Casting Processes Sand casting : Sand mould - Type of patterns - Pattern materials - Pattern allowances - Moulding sand, Properties and testing - Cores - Types and applications - Moulding machines - Types and applications; Melting furnaces : Blast and Cupola furnaces; Principle of special casting processes : Shell - Investment - Ceramic mould - Pressure die casting - Centrifugal casting - process - Stir casting ; Defects in sand casting. Joining Processes Operating principle, Basic equipment, Merits and applications of : Fusion welding processes : Gas welding - Types - Flame characteristics; Manual metal arc welding - Gas tungsten arc welding - Gas metal arc welding - Submerged arc welding - Electro slag welding; Operating principle and applications of : Resistance welding - Plasma arc welding - Thermit welding - Electron beam welding - Friction welding and friction stir welding; Brazing and soldering; Weld defects : Types, Causes and cure. Metal Forming Processes Hot working and cold working of metals - Forging processes - Open, Impression and closed die forging - Forging operations. Rolling of metals - Types of rolling - Flat strip rolling - Shape rolling operations - Defects in rolled parts. Principle of rod and wire drawing - Tube drawing - Principles of extrusion - Types - Hot and cold extrusion. Unit IV : Sheet Metal Processes (Chapter - 4) Sheet metal characteristics - Shearing, Bending and drawing operations - Stretch forming operations - Formability of sheet metal - Test methods - Special forming processes - Working principle and applications - Hydro forming - Rubber pad forming - Metal spinning - Introduction of explosive forming, Magnetic pulse forming, Peen forming, Super plastic forming - Micro forming. Manufacture of Plastic Components Types and characteristics of plastics - Moulding of thermoplastics - Working principles and typical applications - Injection moulding - Plunger and screw machines - Compression moulding, Transfer moulding - Typical industrial applications - Introduction to blow moulding - Rotational moulding - Film blowing - Extrusion - Thermoforming - Bonding of thermoplastics.

Author : Anup Goel

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789350997055 For Anna University

Publication Technical Publications
Writer Anup Goel
ISBN-10 9350997053
ISBN-13 9789350997055

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