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Linear Integrated Circuits by Roy Choudhury

Language: English

Publisher: Newage Publications

ISBN-10: 8122430988

ISBN-13: 9788122430981

Length: 396 Pages


Linear Integrated Circuits is a comprehensive revised and updated reference guide for engineering students.

Summary Of The Book

Linear Integrated Circuits is a completely revised and thoroughly updated edition of the book. The authors D. Roy Choudhury and Shail B. Jain have gone through the previous editions of the book with a sharp eye to pick up all sorts of deficiencies in the book and rectify them. They have introduced the required corrections to further enhance the importance of this book.

Linear Integrated Circuits is designed for students studying operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits. Ideal for students of Computer, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Electronics Engineering and Applied Sciences, this book covers the fundamental concepts of the subject. The various topics covered here are differential amplifiers, phase-locked loops, fabrication of integrated circuits, switched capacitor filters, voltage regulator, current mirrors, operational amplifier applications, active filters using 741 and the 555 Timer. The authors have revised several topics in accordance with the changing advancements in the pertinent fields.

One of the salient features of Linear Integrated Circuits is that it comprises numerous practice exercises and solved examples to help students get a better understanding of the subject. It enables students to study on their own without any outside help.

About The Authors

D. Roy Choudhury works as the Head of the Electronics and Computer Engineering Department at Delhi College of Engineering. Choudhury has published numerous other books including Networks And Systems and Modern Control Engineering. Choudhury did his M.Tech. in Radiophysics and Electronics from the University of Calcutta. He later completed his Ph.D. from the same university. He has been teaching computers, linear integrated circuits, networks and control systems to undergraduate and postgraduate students. Besides being a visiting faculty at Oakland University, he has worked as the Dean, Faculty of Technology, Delhi University, and has also worked at Delhi College of Engineering since 1974. He is interested in petri nets, artificial neural networks and control engineering.

Shail B. Jain is a professor and the Head of the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department at Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology. Another book by the author is Electronic Devices and Circuits. She received her M.Tech degree in Electronics and Communication from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Later, she did her Ph.D. from Delhi University. From 1971 to 2002, she taught electronics, digital signal processing and linear integrated circuits at Delhi College of Engineering. She is also associated with IEEE.

Publication New Age International Publishers
Writer Roy Choudhury
ISBN-13 9788122430981

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