Linear Algebra | Stephen H. Friedberg
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Linear Algebra by Friedberg H. Stephen, Insel J. Arnold, Spence E. Lawrence

Linear Algebra is a textbook book of mathematics written for both undergraduate and graduate students, written by H. Stephen, Insel J. Arnold, and Spence E. Lawrence.

Summary Of The Book

Linear Algebra is a reference book that has been designed as a textbook for students studying Mathematics. The original book has been a highly established and successful book and because of its immense success, this fourth edition has been published with certain changes made to the text.

The book deals with the subject of linear algebra in a systematic and comprehensive manner. Various fundamental topics related to linear algebra have been provided accompanied by an in-depth analysis in this book. This fourth edition ofLinear Algebra deals with several topics including canonical forms, linear transformations and matrices, vector spaces, inner product spaces, systems of linear equations, diagonalization, and determinants. Besides this, the authors also emphasize on the importance of linear algebra by discussing its applications like economics, physics, geometry, and differential equations.

The book has been updated and revised from the first edition. Though the format and the principal content of the book remains the same, certain significant additions have been made here. A new section has been included that explains the pseudoinverse of a matrix or linear transformation between finite-dimensional inner product spaces and singular value decomposition.

Moreover, additional examples, revised proofs of some theorems, new exercises, and various minor editorial changes have been included in this updated version of the book. And finally, the List of Frequently Used Symbols has been shifted to cover pages. The authors have also removed the Index of Theorems from this edition.

Table of Contents

1. Vector Spaces.
2. Linear Transformations and Matrices.
3. Elementary Matrix Operations and Systems of Linear Equations.
4. Determinants.
5. Diagonalization.
6. Inner Product Spaces.
7. Canonical Forms.
A: Sets.
B: Functions.
C: Fields.
D: Complex Numbers.
E: Polynomials.
Answers to Selected Exercises.


Publisher          : Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN-10           : 8120326067

Edition             : 4th

Number of Pages : 620 Pages

Language         : English

ISBN-13           : 9788120326064



Condition OLD BOOK
Edition/Regulation 4e
Publication Phi Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Writer H. Stephen, Insel J. Arnold, Spence E. Lawrence
ISBN-10 8120326067
ISBN-13 9788120326064

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