Introductory Course on Theory and Practice of Mechanical Vibrations | J.S.Rao, K.Gupta
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Introductory Course on Theory and Practice of Mechanical Vibrations by J. S. Rao, K. Gupta

ISBN-10: 8122412157
ISBN-13: 9788122412154


The book presents the theory of free, forced and transient vibrations of single degree, two degree and multi-degree of freedom, undamped and damped, lumped parameter systems and its applications. Free and forced vibrations of undamped continuous systems are also covered. Numerical methods like Holzer's and Myklestad's are also presented in matrix form. Finite Element Method for vibration problem is also included. Nonlinear vibration and random vibration analysis of mechanical systems are also presented. The emphasis is on modelling of engineering systems. Examples chosen, even though quite simple, always refer to practical systems. Experimental techniques in vibration analysis are discussed at length in a separate chapter and several classical case studies are presented.

Though the book is primarily intended for an undergraduate course in mechanical vibrations, it covers some advanced topics which are generally taught at postgraduate level. The needs of the practising engineers have been kept in mind too. A manual giving solutions of all the unsolved problems is also prepared, which would be extremely useful to teachers.

Table of Contents

Fundamentals of Vibration
Single Degree of Freedom Systems Free Vibrations
Single Degree of Freedom System Damped Vibrations
Single Degree of Freedom System Forced Vibrations
Two Degrees of Freedom Systems
Multi Degree of Freedom Systems
Numerical Methods
Continuous Systems
Experimental Methods in Vibration Analysis
Random Vibrations

Condition NEW
Edition/Regulation Revised 2nd Edition
Publication New Age International
Writer J. S. Rao, K. Gupta
ISBN-10 8122412157
ISBN-13 9788122412154

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