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Introduction to Information Technology (English) 

Introduction to Information Technology is designed to serve as a comprehensive textbook for an introductory course on Information Technology. The book is modeled into 22 chapters covering every aspect of IT from fundamental tools and concepts to applications. The book begins with a chapter on computer basics. This is followed by three chapters dedicated to computers and its hardware components. This is followed by two chapters on the operating systems and Microsoft Windows XP. The subsequent seven chapters deal with the basics of IT and computer software including Microsoft Office 2000. Chapters 14 to 20 deal with the other aspects of IT including communications, internet and its applications, security, databases and so on. The book concludes with 2 chapters the firstly on emerging trends in IT and finally a chapter on artificial intelligence.

  • Student friendly”written in a clear, concise, and lucid manner.
  • Each chapter can be covered in two or three lectures. Inter-chapter dependencies are kept to a minimum.
  • Chapter objectives that clearly specify learning outcomes.
  • Fact files and things-to-remember boxes, which provide a snapshot of the subject covered
  • Concepts supported with plenty of illustrations and simple examples.
  • Practical perspectives demonstrate how concepts are applied to real systems.
  • Historical perspectives describe components, systems, or events from the past.
  • Describes applications of information technology and their strategic implications for business and social activities.

  1. Computer Basics
  2. Computer Organisation and Architecture
  3. Computer Memory and Storage
  4. Input Output Media
  5. Operating System
  6. Microsoft Windows XP
  7. Information Technology Basics
  8. Multimedia Essentials
  9. Computer Programming and Languages
  10. Computer Software
  11. Word Processing with Microsoft Word 2000
  12. Microsoft Excel 2000
  13. Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
  14. Data Communication and Computer Networks
  15. The Internet
  16. Internet Tools
  17. Computer Security
  18. Database Fundamentals
  19. Structured Query Language (SQL)
  20. Microsoft Access 2000
  21. Emerging Trends in IT
  22. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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Edition/Regulation 1st
Publication Pearson
Writer Pearson
ISBN-10 817758118X
ISBN-13 9788177581188

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