International Business & Environment
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International Business & Environment


  • International Business (Meaning, Scope, Nature & Importance)
  • International & Internal Trade (Features, Differences; Similarities 7 Interdependence)
  • International Business (Evolution; Driving Forces; Present Trends & Scenario)
  • Modes of Entry in to International Business (Stages, Approaches & Alliances)
  • Mercantalism & Classical Theories of International Trade (Cost Advantage: Adam Smith & David Ricardo)
  • J.S. Mill's Theory of Reciprocal Demand & Haberler's Opportunity Cost Theory of International Trade
  • The Heckscher - Ohlin Theory: (Theory of Factor Endowments)
  • Theory of Competitive Advantage; Product Life - Cycle & New Trade Theory
  • International Business Environment : Political-Legal Environment
  • Economic Environment : Economic Systems
  • Cultural Environment
  • Technological Environment
  • Trading Policies ; Free Trade Vs. Protection (Tariff Barriers & Effects)
  • Non-Tariff Barriers to International Trade : (Quotas, Dumping, Subsidies, Voluntary Export Restraints; & administered Barriers)
  • Economic Integration & Regional Trade Blocks: (EU, NAFTA, ASEAN, SAARC, ESCAP, EFTA, MERCOSUR Etc.)
  • General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) & World Trade Organisation (WTO)
  • Globalisation : (Privatisation & Liberalisation)
  • Financial Factors & Balance of Payments: Disequilibrium and Correction
  • Foreign Exchange : Exchange Control & Devaluation
  • Spot and Forward Exchange: Illustration; Exchange Risk; & Convertibility of Rupee
  • Financing & Procedures in Foreign Trade: Imports: Letter of Credit & Payment of Bills
  • Exports: Mangement & Procedures: (Financing; Promotion and Pricing)
  • International Monetary System
  • International Monetary Fund and S.D.R.
  • International Liquidity & Debt
  • International Financial Institutions: IBRD (World Bank); IBA, IFC & Asian Development Bank
  • United Nations Conferenceon Trade & Development and United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNCTAD & UNIDO)
  • Euro-Dollar Market
  • Multinational Corporations (MNCs)
  • International Marketing
  • Foreign Investments
  • Foreign Trade
  • Social Responsibilities of Business
  • Business Ethics and Codes of Conduct
  • HRM: Staffing Policy and Expatriates
  • Global Recruitment; Cross-Culture Training


By: Dr. S. Sankaran
For: B.Sc., B.A., M.B.A., I.A.S. & Other Competitive Examinations.
Edition/Regulation 1st Edition
Publication Margham Publication
ISBN-10 938143025X
ISBN-13 9789381430255
Writer Dr. S. Sankaran

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