Internal Combustion Engines | Mathur
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Internal Combustion Engines by M. L. Mathur , R. P. Sharma

ISBN-10: 9383182423 / 8189928465
ISBN-13: 9789383182428 / 9788189928469

Mathur and Sharmas Internal Combustion Engines is a comprehensive book on Internal Combustion Engines for mechanical and automobile engineering undergraduates. It comprises of a breakdown explanation of all the parts that make up an Internal Combustion Engine and details the theory behind their working. The book factors in the various parameters that go into selection and design of a four-stroke and two-stroke engine, putting the reader eye-to-eye with automobile enthusiasts to understand the working of engines. In addition to the specifics, the book brings the reader up to speed with the latest developments that have taken place in the last few decades in relation with the automobile industry. The final sections of the book deal with gas turbines and non-conventional engines before moving on to the various government regulations that have to be adhered to prior to designing an engine.

About the Authors

M. L. Mathur is a former Vice Chancellor of JNV University, Jodhpur. He is known for his works : Element Of Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer.

R. P. Sharma is an Engineering Consultant. He was the Henry Ford Chair Professor at IIT Madras and GM of Research and Development at Mahindra & Mahindra. He is well known for his book : A Course In Automobile Engineering.

Mr. Sharma completed his Masters in Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Birla Institute of Technology. He specializes in the areas of Automotive, Vehicle Engineering, Powertrain, Engine Design & Development, Engine Tribology Automotive Emission Control, Alternative Fuels, Biodiesel and Hydrogen Fuels.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Air Standard Cycles
3. Fuel Air Cycles
4. Actual Cycles
5. Combustion in SI Engines
6. Combustion in CI Engines
7. Comparison of SI and CI Engines
8. Fuels
9. Alternative Fuels for IC Engines
10. Air Capacity of Four Storke Engines
11. Carburetion
12. Fuel Injection
13. Ignition
14. Engine Friction and Lubrication
15. Engine Cooling
16. Two-Stroke Engines
17. Supercharging
18. Testing and Performance
19. Dual - Fuel and Multifuel Engines
20. Air Pollution
21. Stratified Charge Engine
22. Stirling Engine
23. The Wankel Rotary Combustion Engine
24. Variable Compression Ration Engine
25. Free Piston Engine
26. Gas Turbines
27. Testing of Internal Combustion Engines according to Indian and International Standards
28. Standards for Emission of Pollutants from Motor Vehicles as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules
Publication Dhanpat Rai Publications
Writer M. L. Mathur , R. P. Sharma
ISBN-10 9383182423
ISBN-13 9789383182428

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