Heat And Mass Transfer | Rajput
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Heat And Mass Transfer by Rajput

A Textbook for the students preparing for B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc. Engg., AMIE, UPSC (Engg. Services) and GATE Examination.

Table of Contents

Basic Concepts
PART-I: Heat Transfer by Conduction

  • Conduction - Steady - State One Dimension
  • General Heat Conduction Equation in Spherical Coordinates
  • Heat Conduction Through Plane and Composite Walls
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Cylinders
  • Heat Conduction Through Hollow and Composite Spheres
  • Critical Thickness of Insulation
  • Conduction - Steady-state Two Dimensions And Three Dimensions

PART-II: Heat Transfer By Convection

  • Introduction To Hydrodynamics
  • Dimensional Analysis
  • Characteristic Length or Equivalent Diameter
  • Forced Convection A. Laminar Flow
  • Laminar Flow over a Flat Plate
  • Laminar Tube Flow
  • Introduction
  • Turbulent Tube Flow 
  • Empirical Correlations
  • Free Convection
  • Simplified Free Convection Relations for Air
  • Combined Free and Forced Convection
  • Boiling and Condensation

PART-III: Heat Transfer By Radiation

  • Thermal Radiation - Basic Relations
  • Radiation Exchange Between Surfaces

PART-IV: Mass Transfer

  • Mass Transfer

PART-V: Objective Type Question Bank

  • Index
Publication S. Chand Publishing
Writer R. K. Rajput
ISBN-10 8121926173
ISBN-13 9788121926171

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