Graphics and Multimedia | A.P.Godse,D.A.Godse
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Graphics and Multimedia


Output Primitives Basic - Line - Curve and ellipse drawing algorithms - Examples - Applications - Attributes - Two-dimensional geometric transformations - Two-dimensional clipping and viewing - Input techniques. Three-Dimensional Concepts Three-dimensional object representations - Three-dimensional geometric and modeling transformations -Three-dimensional viewing - Hidden surface elimination - Color models - Virtual reality - Animation. Multimedia Systems Design Multimedia basics - Multimedia applications - Multimedia system architecture - Evolving technologies for multimedia - Defining objects for multimedia systems - Multimedia data interface standards - Multimedia databases. Multimedia File Handling Compression and decompression - Data and file format standards - Multimedia I/O technologies - Digital voice and audio - Video image and animation - Full motion video - Storage and retrieval technologies. Hypermedia Multimedia authoring and user interface - Hypermedia messaging - Mobile messaging - Hypermedia message component - Creating hypermedia message - Integrated multimedia message standards - Integrated document management - Distributed multimedia systems.

Author : A.P.Godse,D.A.Godse

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789333202091 For Anna University

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.P.Godse,D.A.Godse
ISBN-10 9333202099
ISBN-13 9789333202091

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