Gas Tables for Compressible Flow Calculations | S M Yahya
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Sale Gas Tables for Compressible Flow Calculations | S M Yahya


Author: S M Yahya

Language: English

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN-10: 8122415555

ISBN-13: 9788122415551

Length: 120 pages

Published in the year 2011, Gas Tables: For Compressible Flow Calculations is a book that contains a number of gas tables, which are of great importance for compressible flow calculations.

Summary Of The Book

Gas tables are tools that are utilized for carrying out several computations in the fields of Aerodynamics, Gas Dynamics and Fluid Mechanics. In this book, these highly-important gas tables have been listed for heat transfer, Isothermal flow with friction, Isentropic flow, and shocks. Through the course of this book, the readers are also provided with a list of estimated numbers of power needed for compressors, blowers, and fans.

In total, there are 15 chapters in this book. The chapters include SI, Metric And British Units, Manometer Inclinations Required For The Desired Magnification Of The Deflection, Properties Of Standard Atmosphere, Pumping Power For Fans And Blowers, Prandtl-Meyer Functions With Mach Angles, and Flow Of Perfect Gases And Heat Transfer (Rayleigh Flow).

Some other chapters include Normal Shocks In Perfect Gases, Isentropic Flow Of Perfect Gases, and Isentropic Compression Power. This book also consists of tables for oblique shocks, and isothermal flow, along with the properties of the atmosphere. The gas tables present in this book find use in the fields of Chemical, Aerospace, Gas, and Mechanical Engineering.

Gas Tables: For Compressible Flow Calculationsis presented in a multi colour format, making it easier for students to grasp the subject. The book is helpful for classrooms, laboratories and examinations as well.

About S. M .Yahya

S. M. Yahya is a renowned author, and educator from India.

Apart from this book, Yahya has also authored three other books, which includeTurbines, Compressors And Fans, Fundamentals Of Compressible Flow, and Elementary Gas Dynamics.

Yahya was born in Jaipur, India. He completed his doctoral degree from the University Of Liverpool in England studying Turbomachinery. He was working at IIT Delhi and had been working there since 1967. Yahya was also the head of the Department Of Mechanical Engineering. Yahya was also a visiting fellow at University Of Cambridge, and Imperial College, London. Through the course of his career, he has played in a key role in supervision of a number of M. Tech, and Ph. D dissertations. Yahya has also held the post of the Pro Vice Chancellor at Aligarh Muslim University.


Table of Contents

  • Gas Dynamic Properties of Some Gases and Vapours
  • Properties of Standard Atmosphere
  • Isentropic Flow of Perfect Gases
  • Normal Shocks in Perfect Gases
  • Oblique Shocks in Perfect Gases
  • Flow of Perfect Gases with Friction (Fanno Flow)
  • Isothermal Flow of Perfect Gases with Friction
  • Flow of Perfect Gases with Heat Transfer (Rayleigh Flow)
  • Prandtl-Meyer Functions with Mach Angles
  • Approximate Velocities and Mach Numbers of Air Corresponding to Dynamic Heads and Pressure Ratios
  • Manometer Inclinations Required for the Desired Magnification of the Deflection
  • Static Pressure Drop in Gas Pipe Lines
  • Isentropic Compressor Power
  • Pumping Power for Fans and Blowers
  • S.I., Metric and British Units
Publication New Age International Publishers
Writer S M Yahya

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