Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics | B. L. Theraja
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Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics by B. L. Theraja

Fundamentals Of Electrical Engineering And Electronicsis a book that has been popularenough with both students and teachers to go into the eighth revised edition.It is a guide that will help students of electrical engineering through some oftheir most dreaded areas. The book is divided into a number of chapters such as Electric Current And Ohms Law, Division Of Current, Network Analysis, Work, Power And Energy, Electrostatics, and many more. The comprehensive arrangement of the chapters enable the students to follow a logical order instead of studying the subject in a hap-hazard manner which often tends to confuse. In the present revised version, a number of new topics that are considered relevant are added to the existing material in the book. These include articles on source conversion, Swinburne's test, battery charging from AC source, speed of rotor field in three-phase motors, and neutral current in unbalanced star connection and balanced connections.

Language: English

Publisher: S. Chand

ISBN-10: 8121926602

ISBN-13: 9788121926607

Length: 864 pages

Edition/Regulation 1e
Publication S. Chand
Writer B. L. Theraja
ISBN-10 8121926602
ISBN-13 9788121926607

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