Foreign Exchange & Financing of Foreign Trade | Sankaran
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Foreign Exchange & Financing of Foreign Trade


Chapters at a glance

  • Foreign Exchange: Meaning, Genesis and Problems.
  • Foreign Exchange Department : (Administrative Set-up & Functions
  • Foreign Exchange Transactions
  • Rate of Exchange : Meaning (Fixed and Flexible)
  • Determination of Rate of Exchange : Purchasing Power Parity Theory
  • Spot and Forward Rates
  • Documents in Foreign Trade
  • Transport Documents : Bill of Lading & Mates Receipt
  • Letter of Credit : (Meaning, Mechanism and Types)
  • Financing of Foreign Trade : Financing of Imports.
  • Payment of Import Bills
  • Financing of Exports
  • Packing Credit
  • Collection of Export Bills
  • Export Incentives and Export Promotion Measures
  • Exchange Control (Objectives and Methods)
  • Exchange control in India : Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FERA & FEMA)
  • Foreign Private Investment.
  • Convertibility of Rupee
  • Model Question Papers


By: Dr. S. Sankaran
For B.Com, MBA & other Professional Courses
Publication Margham Publications
Writer Dr. S. Sankaran
ISBN-10 9381430462
ISBN-13 9789381430460

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