Engineering Thermodynamics | Nag .P.K | Second Edition
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Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag is widely accepted by the student community for its holistic and authoritative coverage of the topic. Presented in a lucid manner, the book is enriched with several pedagogical features. The approval of the book is such that it is revised from time to time to suit the interests of students, thus incorporating latest research findings and university exam patterns. The book follows a comprehensive approach such that Engineering students, teaching faculties, GATE aspirants, and those preparing for competitive exams can benefit from the book.

Engineering Thermodynamics is characterised by exhaustive study of topics such as thermodynamic applications, powerplant engineering, refrigeration, and automobile IC systems. The book includes separate chapters highlighting the various thermodynamics concepts such as temperature and gas laws, work and heat transfer, entropy, energy and its reversibility, and properties of gas and mixtures. Detailed accounts on refrigeration, vapour power, and gas power cycles, thermodynamic equilibrium and stability, compressors, and reactive systems have also been included in the book.

To help the candidates prepare for various competitive examinations, the appendix section is characterised by relevant information corresponding to the latest thermodynamic trends. In order to facilitate an easy understanding of the topic, the chapter on energy has been completely rewritten in this edition.

Key Features:


  • The book is characterised by a number of solved examples of numerical problems that are specific to each chapter.
  • A summary of each chapter that compiles the essential points to remember, formulas, and laws is of great help to the students.
  • In addition to the solved examples, review questions and problems are also provided to test the understanding of the topic.
  • Several multiple choice questions compiled from the previous year's GATE question papers is another feature of the book



About the Author


P K Nag, former Professor of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Kharagpur is a veteran academic writer who has authored several useful books for engineers. Some o f his major works include Power Plant Engineering 2nd Edition, Heat Transfer, Mechanical Engineering For U P Technical University, and Heat And Mass Transfer.


Paperback: 944 pages

Publisher: Tata McGraw Hill Education

Edition : 2nd edition

Language: English

ISBN: 0074602756

Condition Used
Edition/Regulation 2nd edition
Publication Tata McGraw Hill Education
Writer P.K. Nag
ISBN 0074602756

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