Engineering Mechanics | Palanichamy
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Engineering Mechanics : Statics and Dynamics (English) 3rd Edition

Designed for the undergraduate course on Engineering Mechanics; This book covers in totality the syllabi of all universities making it a compact volume on the subject; 320 solved examples and 265 practice problems with answers; Short-answer questions at the end of each chapter emphasizing concept learning; All solved examples accompanied with clearly drawn free-body diagrams for conceptual clarity; Includes previous years university question papers; Includes chapters on Computer-Aided approach to solving problems in Statics as well as Dynamics; The book emphasises clarity in concept learning;The key concepts are coherently presented and discussed with good continuity. Simple student friendly language makes the volume an ideal text for the students.

Edition/Regulation 3e
Publication Tata McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Limited
ISBN-10 0070588309
ISBN-13 9780070588301
Writer M. S. Palanichamy , S. Nagan

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