Engineering Mathematics 2 | P. Sivaramakrishna Das
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Sale Engineering Mathematics 2 | P. Sivaramakrishna Das

ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 2 by P.Sivaramakrishna Das

The book covers the syllabus completely and exhaustively. The five units of the syllabus are presented in the five chapters that make up this book .Each topic of the subject discussed presents the important principles, methods and processes of obtaining results in a systematic way with emphasis on clarity and academic rigour. A lot of standard problems and frequently asked university questions have been worked out in detail for the students' benefit. Exercise problems are given with hints, wherever necessary. Further, a supplement of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers is provided along with the book.

Language: English

Publisher: Pearson India Pvt. Ltd

ISBN-10: 9332519463

ISBN-13: 9789332519466

Publication Pearson
Writer P. Sivaramakrishna Das

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