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This revised edition of Engineering Fluid Mechanics is an improved and multi-colored version over the previous editions and contains several enhancements.

Summary Of The Book

Fluid Mechanics is the study of fluids including plasma, liquids and gases and the forces that operate on them. This field of physics has three sub-branches, fluid kinematics, the study of fluids in motion, fluid statistics, the study of fluids at rest and fluid dynamics, the study of the effect of forces operating on fluid motion.

Engineering Fluid Mechanics contains a unique chapter number zero at the beginning of the book containing a description of the importance of the book with the help of pictures. The book also contains revised figures and is therefore an improved version when compared to its previous editions. It also has additional solved examples that help in better revision. The chapters have also been revised for better clarity and explanation. There are also references at suitable places for accessing related material on the internet.

Engineering Fluid Mechanics has chapters on The Importance Of Fluid Mechanics, Introductory Concepts, Fluid Kinematics, Fluid Statics, Fluid Dynamics, Measurement Of Flow, Laminar Flow, Boundary Layer Flow, Flow Through Pipes, Flow Around Immersed Bodies, Compressible Flow, Flow Through Open Channels, Dimensional Analysis and Similitude, and Fluid Machines. The book also contains appendices and nomenclature.

About K. L. Kumar

Another book by K. L. Kumar is Engineering Mechanics.



Table of Contents

Learning Objectives in Engineering Fluid Mechanics

0. The World of Fluid Mechanics: What, Why and How?
1. Introductory Concepts
2. Fluid Statics
3. Fluid Kinematics
4. Fluid Dynamics
5. Flow Measurement
6. Ideal Fluid Flow
7. Laminar Flow
8. Boundary Layer Flow
9. Flow Around Immersed Bodies
10. Flow Through Pipes
11. Flow Through Open Channels
12. Compressible Flow
13. Dimensional Analysis and Similitude
14. Fluid Machines


Edition/Regulation 8e
Publication S.Chand
ISBN-10 8121901006
ISBN-13 9788121901000
Writer Prof. K.L. Kumar

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