Engineering Circuit Analysis | W H Hayt, J E Kemmerly, S M Durbin
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Engineering Circuit Analysis byW H Hayt, J E Kemmerly, S M Durbin

8th Edition

William H. Hayt, Steven M. Durbin and Jack E. KemmerlysEngineering Circuit Analysis 8th Editionis apt for engineering students. The books comes with end of the chapter problems, Expanded treatment of active filters, including the analysis and design of multiple stage Butter worth filters and Updated treatment of MATLAB and PSpice for better understanding of the subject. The book covers 1st Semester and 3rd Semester syllabus for engineering.

7th Edition

Published in the year 2010, Engineering Circuit Analysis is a book that enables its readers to gain a sound understanding of the subject of circuit analysis.

Summary Of The Book

In this revised 7th edition of Engineering Circuit Analysis, the readers are given key insight into the concepts pertaining to circuit analysis. The presentation of this book is simple and the topics are explained by incorporating numerous examples and computer-aided analyses. In total, there are over170 solved examplesalong with over1400 practice questions.

There are 18 chapters covered in the book. Some of the chapters included in the book are Circuit Analysis In The Domain, Magnetically Coupled Circuits, Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis, Network Theorems & Useful Circuit Analysis Techniques, The RLC Circuit, Two Port Networks, Fourier Circuit Analysis, AC Circuit Power Analysis, Capacitors And Inductors, and Complex Frequency And The Laplace Transform. Additionally, there are seven appendices at the end of the book. They are titled A Brief MATLAB Tutorial, A Proof Of Thevenins Theorem, Complex Numbers, An Introduction To Network Topology, Solution Of Simultaneous Equations, Additional Laplace Transform Theorems, and A PSPICE Tutorial.

Through the course of this book, the authors cover important concepts by incorporating a very practical approach. This edition also contains links to two chapters that are online, State Variable Analysis and The Operational Amplifiers. In addition to the textual content, the readers are provided with tips, warnings, andrelevant illustrationsto make the concepts easier to grasp.

All in all, Engineering Circuit Analysis is a must-have for students as well as professionals who desire to better their understanding of this subject. The book is also a part of the curriculum for Electrical And Electronics Engineering students studying in renowned universities in India such as the National Institutes of Technology.

About the authors

William H. Haytis an author. His expertise lies in engineering. He has co-authored the bookProblems and Solutions in Engineering Circuit Analysis 1st Edition.

Steven M. Durbinis an author. He has co-authored the bookEngineering Circuit Analysis 0008 Editionand theENGG CIRCUIT ANALYSIS 6ED.

Jack E. Kemmerlyis an author. He has co-authored the bookProblems and Solutions in Engineering Circuit Analysis 1st Edition, ENGG CIRCUIT ANALYSIS 6EDandEngineering Circuit Analysis 0008 Edition.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Basic Components and Electric Circuits
Chapter 3 Voltage and Current Laws
Chapter 4 Basic Nodal and Mesh Analysis
Chapter 5 Handy Circuit Analysis Techniques
Chapter 6 The Operational Amplifier
Chapter 7 Capacitors and Inductors
Chapter 8 Basic RL and RC Circuits
Chapter 9 The RLC Circuit
Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Steady-State Analysis
Chapter 11 AC Circuit Power Analysis
Chapter 12 Poly phase Circuits
Chapter 13 Magnetically Coupled Circuits
Chapter 14 Complex Frequency and The Laplace Transform
Chapter 15 Circuit Analysis in the s-Domain
Chapter 16 Frequency Response
Chapter 17 Two-Port Networks
Chapter 18 Fourier Circuit Analysis
Chapter 19 State Variable Aanalysis (online only-Student Edition)
Appendix 1 An Introduction to Network Topology
Appendix 2 Solution of Simultaneous Equations
Appendix 3 A Proof of Thevenin's Theorem
Appendix 4 A PSpice Tutorial
Appendix 5 Complex Numbers
Appendix 6 A Brief MATLAB Tutorial
Appendix 7 Additional Laplace Transform Theorems
Appendix 8 Selected Answers (Available Online)

Publisher Mcgraw Hill Education

ISBN-10 125909863X

Edition 8th

Number of Pages 880 Pages

Language English

ISBN-13 9781259098635

Edition/Regulation New - 8e Old - 7e / 8e ( no change in contents)
Publication Tata McGraw Hill Education
Writer W H Hayt, J E Kemmerly, S M Durbin
ISBN-10 125909863X
ISBN-13 9781259098635

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