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Embedded Systems: Architecture, Programming and Design 3rd Edition, authored by Raj Kamal, is a text that gives students an explanation of the essential concepts that form the basis of hardware and software designing of embedded systems. It is written in a manner that is easy to understand and includes many illustrative figure and examples.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Embedded Systems
2. Embedded Systems Design and Development Process
3. 8051, AVR and ARM Micro controllers, Real-World Interfacing andthe Inputs and Outputs Using Buses
4. Introduction to Advanced Architectures and Processor-Memory Organizations
5. I/O Devices, Communication Buses and Distributed NetworkedEmbedded Architectures
6. Device Drivers and Interrupts Service Mechanism
7. Programming Concepts and Embedded Programming in C, C++ and Java
8. Program Modeling Concepts
9. Real Time Operating Systems I: Processes, Tasks and Threads and theirSynchronization Using Inter-process Communication
10. Real Time Operating Systems II: Basic Functions of OS and RTOS
11. Real-time Operating System Programming: MicroC/OS-II and VxWorks
12. Real-Time Linux, Windows CE, OSEK, Handheld Devices andAuto motives Operating Systems
13. Design Examples and Case Studies of Program-Modeling andProgramming with RTOS
14. Embedded Software Development Process and Tools
15. Testing, Simulation, and Debugging Techniques and Tools


Publisher: McGraw Hill Education; Third edition (1 January 1980)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 933290149X

ISBN-13: 9789332901490

Edition/Regulation 3e
Publication McGraw Hill Education
Writer Raj Kamal
ISBN-10 933290149X
ISBN-13 9789332901490

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