Electronic Devices : Conventional Current Version
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Electronic Devices : Conventional Current Version by Floyd

From discrete components, to linear integrated circuits, to programmable analog devices, this popular, up-to-date devices text takes a strong systems approach that identifies the circuits and components within a system, and helps students see how the circuit relates to the overall system function. Floyd is well known for straightforward, understandable explanations of complex concepts, as well as for non-technical, on-target treatment of mathematics. His coverage is carefully balanced between discrete and integrated circuits and his extensive use of examples and graphical illustrations makes even complex concepts understandable.

Electronic Devices (Conventional Current Version), provides a solid foundation in basic analog electronics and a thorough introduction to analog integrated circuits and programmable devices. The text identifies the circuits and components within a system, helping students see how the circuit relates to the overall system function. Easy-to follow worked examples support the text's strong emphasis on real-world application and troubleshooting. Updated throughout, the ninth edition features new GreenTech Applications and a new chapter, &ldquoBasic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing." With recent significant efforts to create renewable, sustainable energy sources to offset and eventually replace fossil fuels, a write-up on GreenTech Applications in every chapter, familiarizes students with these relatively new technologies.


Table of Content

1 Introduction to Electronics 
2 Diodes and Applications 
3 Special-Purpose Diodes 
4 Bipolar Junction Transistors 
5 Transistor Bias Circuits 
6 BJT Amplifiers 
7 Power Amplifiers 
8 Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) 
9 FET Amplifiers and Switching Circuits 
10 Amplifier Frequency Response 
12 The Operational Amplifier 
13 Basic Op-Amp Circuits 
14 Special-Purpose Op-Amp Circuits 
15 Active Filters 
16 Oscillators
17 Voltage Regulators 
18 Basic Programming Concepts for Automated Testing

Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems 

Salient Features

 Sound foundation in basic circuits and concepts”and then coverage of analog integrated circuits 
 Programmable Analog Design feature”follows the Application Activity in Chapters 12-16 
 Provides students with an introduction to analyzing and designing analog circuits by programming FPAAs (field programmable analog arrays) or dpASPs (dynamically programmable analog signal processors) 
 Coverage of advanced integrated circuits”includes operational amplifiers; instrumentation and isolation amplifiers; OTAs; log/antilog amplifiers; and converters. 
 LED coverage has been expanded and updated to include more emphasis on high-intensity LEDs which are becoming widely used in many areas, such as residential lighting, automotive lighting, traffic signals, and informational signs 
 More emphasis on MOSFETs, particularly in switching power supplies


ISBN-10 : 8177586432

ISBN-13 : 9788177586435

Publication : Pearson India

Publication Pearson
Writer Floyd
ISBN-10 8177586432
ISBN-13 9788177586435

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