Electronic Circuits 1 | A.P.Godse,U.A.Bakshi
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Electronic Circuits 1 by A.P.Godse,U.A.Bakshi


Biasing of Discrete BJT AND MOSFET DC load line, Operating point, Various biasing methods for BJT-Design-Stability-Bias compensation, Thermal stability, Design of biasing for JFET, Design of biasing for MOSFET. BJT Amplifiers Small signal analysis of common emitter-AC load line, Voltage swing limitations, Common collector and common base amplifiers - Differential amplifiers- CMRR- Darlington amplifier - Bootstrap technique - Cascaded stages - Cascode amplifier. JFET and MOSFET Amplifiers Small signal analysis of JFET amplifiers - Small signal analysis of MOSFET and JFET, Common source amplifier, Voltage swing limitations, Small signal analysis of MOSFET and JFET source follower and common gate amplifiers, BiCMOS cascode amplifier. Frequency Analysis of BJT and MOSFET Amplifiers Low frequency and Miller effect, High frequency analysis of CE and MOSFET CS amplifier, Short circuit current gain, Cut-off frequency - f and f unity gain and determination of bandwidth of single stage and multistage amplifiers. IC MOSFET Amplifiers IC amplifiers- IC biasing current steering circuit using MOSFET- MOSFET current sources- PMOS and NMOS current sources. Amplifier with active loads - Enhancement load, Depletion load and PMOS and NMOS current sources load- CMOS common source and source follower- CMOS differential amplifier- CMRR.

Author : A.P.Godse,U.A.Bakshi

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789350996874

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.P.Godse,U.A.Bakshi
ISBN-10 9350996871
ISBN-13 9789350996874

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