Electromagnetic Theory | A.V.Bakshi,U.A.Bakshi
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Electromagnetic Theory


Electrostatics - I Sources and effects of electromagnetic fields - Coordinate systems - Vector fields - Gradient, Divergence, Curl theorems and applications - Coulomb's Law - Electric field intensity - Field due to discrete and continuous charges - Gauss's law and applications. Electrostatics - II Electric potential - Electric field and equipotential plots, Uniform and non-uniform field, Utilization factor - Electric field in free space, Conductors, Dielectrics - Dielectric polarization - Dielectric stregth - Electric field in multiple dielectrics - Boundary conditions, Poisson's and Laplace's equations, Capacitance, Energy density, Applications. Magnetostatics Lorentz force, Magnetic field intensity (H) - Biot - Savart's law - Ampere's circuit law - H due to straight conductors, Circular loop, Infinite sheet of current, Magnetic flux density (B) - B in free space, Conductor, Magnetic materials - Magnetization, Magnetic field in multiple media - Boundary conditions, Scalar and vector potential, Poisson's equation, Magnetic force, Torque, Inductance, Energy density, Applications. Electrodynamic Fields Magnetic circuits - Faraday's law - Transformer and motional E.M.F - Displacement current - Maxwell's equations (differential and integral form) - Relation between field theory and circuit theory - Applications. Electromagnetic Waves Electromagnetic wave generation and equations - Wave parameters; Velocity, Intrinsic impedance, Propagation constant - Waves in free space, Lossy and lossless dielectrics, Conductors - Skin depth - Poynting vector - Plane wave reflection and refraction - Standing wave - Applications.

Author : A.V.Bakshi,U.A.Bakshi

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN : 9789350996812

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.V.Bakshi,U.A.Bakshi
ISBN-10 9350996812
ISBN-13 9789350996812

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