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Electrical Engineering and Instrumentation


DC Machines Three phase circuits, A review. Construction of DC machines - Theory of operation of DC generators - Characteristics of DC generators - Operating principle of DC motors - Types of DC motors and their characteristics - Speed control of DC motors - Applications. Transformer Introduction - Single phase transformer construction and principle of operation - EMF equation of transformer-Transformer no-load phasor diagram - Transformer on-load phasor diagram - Equivalent circuit of transformer - Regulation of transformer -Transformer losses and efficiency - All day efficiency - Auto transformers. Induction Machines and Synchronous Machines Principle of operation of three-phase induction motors - Construction -Types - Equivalent circuit - Construction of single-phase induction motors - Types of single phase induction motors - Double revolving field theory - Starting methods - Principles of alternator - Construction details - Types - Equation of induced EMF - Voltage regulation. Methods of starting of synchronous motors - Torque equation - V curves - Synchronous motors. Basics of Measurement and Instrumentation Static and dynamic characteristics of measurement - Errors in measurement - Classification of transducers - Variable resistive - Strainguage, Thermistor RTD - Transducer - Variable capacitive transducer - Capacitor microphone - Piezo electric transducer - Variable inductive transducer - LVDT, RVDT. Analog and Digital Instruments DVM, DMM - Storage oscilloscope. Comparison of analog and digital modes of operation, Application of measurement system, Errors. Measurement of R, L and C, Wheatstone, Kelvin, Maxwell, Anderson, Schering and Wien bridges measurement of inductance, Capacitance, Effective resistance at high frequency, Q-meter

Author : U.A.Bakshi,A.V.Bakshi

Language : English

Publisher : Technical publications

ISBN-13: 9789350997024

Pages: 646

Regulation : 2013

Publication Technical Publications
Writer U.A.Bakshi,A.V.Bakshi

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