Drydens Outline of Chemical Technology | Rao M.Gopala , Marshall Sittig
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Drydens Outline of Chemical Technology

Author: RaoM.Gopala ,Marshall Sittig


Publisher: WEP East-West Press

ISBN-10: 8185938792

ISBN-13: 978-8185938790


Drydens Outlines Of Chemical Technology for the 21st Century 3rd Editionfeatures detailedinformation on plant information and chemical technology for students of chemical engineering and technology.

Summary Of The Book

Chemical Engineering is the branch of science that merges the use of physics, chemistry and life science with economics and mathematics for conversion of chemicals and raw materials into other products. Drydens Outlines Of Chemical Technology For The 21st Century 3rd Edition covers topics like Inorganic Chemical Industries, Natural Product Industries, Orientation, Polymerization Fundamentals, Metallurgical Industries, Synthetic Organic Chemical Industries, Toxic Chemicals and Pollution Controls. It also has detailed information on the highly ranked Indian chemical industries and has detailed notes for teachers.

The revised edition has been developed over a long time while the previous editions had been based on the lectures delivered by the author at IIT-Kanpur. Additional topics on composite materials and industrial pollution controls have been added in the book by M. Gopal Rao and Marshall Sittig. The book has chapters like Inorganic Chemical Industries, Orientation, Natural Product Industries, Polymerization Fundamentals, Synthetic Organic Chemical Industries, Metallurgical Industries, Application of Computers to the Chemical Industries and Toxic Chemicals and Pollution Controls.

The book was published in the year 2010.

About The Authors

M. Gopala Raois a professor for chemical engineering at Howard University. He obtained his doctorate from the University Of Washington. In the past, he has served as a chairman at IIT-Kanpur.

Marshall Sittigworks at the Research Administration Department at Princeton University. Other books by the author arePharmaceutical Manufacturing EncyclopediaandHandbook Of Toxic And Hazardous Chemicals And Carcinogens.He completed his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in 1940 from Purdue University. He has worked at Ethyl Corporation and Du Pont.

Publication WEP East-West Press
Writer Rao,M.Gopala

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