Digital Signal Processing | John G. Proakis | 4th Edition
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DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING by Dimitris G Manolakis , John G. Proakis


The book is a leading introductory text on digital signal processing.

Summary Of The Book

Digital Signal Processing is an introductory textbook on the subject. It covers the fundamentals of discrete time signals, systems, and modern digital processing. It also covers applications of the same for students of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science.

Specific topics covered in the book include The Z-Transform, Frequency Analysis Of Signals And Systems, Frequency Domain Analysis Of Lti Systems, Sampling And Reconstruction Of Signals, The Discrete Fourier Transform, Design Of Digital Filers, Multirate Digital Signal Processing, and Adaptive Filters.

This is the fourth edition of the book. The chapter on Adaptive Filters has been added in this edition. Chapters on Multi-rate Digital Signal Processing and Sampling And Reconstruction Of Signals have been substantially revised. Nearly 500 homework problems are provided for students to practice with.

Salient Features

  • Newly written and updated chapter on sampling and reconstruction of signals
  • New addition on the discrete cosine transform
  • Updated chapter on multirate digital signal processing.

About The Authors

John G. Proakis is the Professor Emeritus at Northeastern University. He specializes in digital communications and digital signal processing.

He has authored several leading books on these subjects including Digital Signal Processing Laboratory, Digital Processing of Speech Signals, and Communication Systems Engineering.

Proakis received the MSEE degree from MIT and a PhD in Engineering from Harvard University. He has previously worked with GTE Laboratories and the MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Dimitris G Manolakis is the co-author of many leading books on digital signal processing that include Statistical & Adaptive Signal Processing, Introduction to Digital Signal Processing, and  Applied Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Practice.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Discrete-time Signals and Systems
  3. The Z-Transform and its Application to the Analysis of Lti Systems
  4. Frequency Analysis of Signals and Systems
  5. Frequency Domain Analysis of Lti Systems
  6. Sampling and Reconstruction of Signals
  7. The Discrete Fourier Transform: Its Properties and Applications
  8. Efficient Computaiton of The Dft: Fast Fourier Transform Algorithms
  9. Implementation of Discrete-time Systems
  10. Design of Digital Filers
  11. Multirate Digital Signal Processing
  12. Linear Prediction and Optimum Linear Filters
  13. Adaptive Filters
  14. Power Spectrum Estimation

Language: English

Publisher: Pearson India

ISBN-10: 8131710009

ISBN-13: 9788131710005

Length: 1156 Pages

Edition/Regulation 4e
Publication Pearson
Writer John G. Proakis
ISBN-10 8131710009
ISBN-13 9788131710005

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