Principles Digital Signal Processing | Dr.J.S.Chitode
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Sale Principles Digital Signal Processing | Dr.J.S.Chitode


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Discrete Fourier Transform

IIR Filter Design
FIR Filter Design
Finite Wordlength Effects
DSP Applications

Discrete Fourier Transform Discrete signals and systems - A review, Introduction to DFT - Properties of DFT - Circular convolution - Filtering methods based on DFT - FFT algorithms - Decimation in time algorithms, Decimation in frequency algorithms - Use of FFT in linear filtering. IIR Filter Design Structures of IIR - Analog filter design - Discrete time IIR filter from analog filter - IIR filter design by impulse invariance, Bilinear transformation, Approximation of derivatives - (LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF) filter design using frequency translation. FIR Filter Design Structures of FIR - Linear phase FIR filter - Fourier series - Filter design using windowing techniques (Rectangular Window, Hamming window, Hanning window), Frequency sampling techniques - Finite word length effects in digital filters : Errors, Limit cycle, Noise power spectrum. Finite Wordlength Effects Fixed point and floating point number representations - ADC quantization - Truncation and rounding errors - Quantization noise - Coefficient quantization error - Product quantization error - Overflow error - Roundoff noise power - Limit cycle oscillations due to product round off and overflow errors - Principle of scaling. DSP Applications Multirate signal processing : Decimation, Interpolation, Sampling rate conversion by a rational factor - Adaptive filters, Introduction, Applications of adaptive filtering to equalization.

Language: English

ISBN : 9789333202947

Publisher: Technical Publications

Edition : 2013

Publication Technical Publications
Writer Dr.J.S.Chitode
ISBN-13 9789333202947

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