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Digital Logic Circuits


Number Systems and Digital Logic Families Review of number systems, Binary codes, Error detection and correction codes (Parity and Hamming code)-Digital logic families, Comparison of RTL, DTL, TTL, ECL and MOS families - Operation, Characteristics of digital logic family. Combinational Circuits Combinational logic - Representation of logic functions - SOP and POS forms, K-map representations- Minimization using K maps - Simplification and implementation of combinational logic - Multiplexers and demultiplexers - Code converters, Adders, Subtractors. Synchronous Sequential Circuits Sequential logic : SR, JK, D and T flipflops - Level triggering and edge triggering - Counters - Asynchronous and synchronous type - Modulo counters - Shift registers - Design of synchronous sequential circuits - Moore and Melay models - Counters, State diagram ; State reduction ; State assignment. Asynchronous Sequential Circuits and Programmable Logic Devices Asynchronous sequential logic circuits - Transition table, Flow table - Race conditions, Hazards and errors in digital circuits; Analysis of asynchronous sequential logic circuits - Introduction to Programmable Logic Devices : PROM - PLA - PAL. VHDL RTL Design - Combinational logic - Sequential circuit - Operators - Introduction to packages - Subprograms - Test bench. (Simulation / Tutorial Examples : Adders, Counters, Flip-flops, FSM, Multiplexers / Demultiplexers).

Author : A.P.Godse,Dr.D.A.Godse

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

Regulation: 2013

ISBN: 9789350996959

Publication Technical Publications
Writer A.P.Godse,Dr.D.A.Godse
ISBN-10 9350996952
ISBN-13 9789350996959

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