Differential Equations, Fourier & Laplace Transforms, Probability
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Differential Equations, Fourier & Laplace Transforms, Probability



  • (A) First Order and First Degree Equations of Bernoulli
    (B) Differential Equations of First Order and Higher Degree
  • Second Order Differential Equations with constant Coefficients
  • Linear Homogeneous Equation and Variation of Parameters
  • Total Differential Equations
  • Partial Differential Equations
  • Fourier Series
  • Laplace Transform
  • Fourier Transform
  • Solutions of Differential Equations by Power Series Method
  • Bessel's Functions
  • Probability
  • Random Variables
  • Mathematical Expectations
  • Variance
  • Moments and Moment Generating Functions
  • Probability Generating Function


By: P.R. Vittal
For: M.Sc. Mathematics Major, Madras University.
Publication Margham Publication
Writer P.R. Vittal

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