Database Management Systems | Gupta
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This book provides simple and comprehensive explanation of fundamentals of database management systems. It focuses on building database applications by emphasizing on concepts that are the foundation of database processing. This book is intended to be a complete text for undergraduate and graduate level database management courses offered across a range of academic disciplines such as computer science, information systems, and business management.

Salient Features

  • Concepts like Relational Model, ER Model, etc., elucidated through a running example of a cricket database, especially formulated for Indian students
  • In-depth coverage of Transaction Management and Concurrency, Query Processing, Distributed Databases, and Backup and Recovery
  • Discussion of new technologies like Mobile Databases and Cloud Computing

Strong pedagogical features:

  • 342 Review Questions along with Section References
  • 348 Short Answer Questions
  • 409 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers
  • 246 Exercises
  • 56 Lab Assignments
  • 43 Projects


Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Entity Relationship Model
3. Relational Model
4. Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus
5. SQL
6. Normalization
7. Physical Storage and Indexing
8. Query Processing
9. Transaction Management and Concurrency
10. Database Backup and Recovery
11. Database Security
12. Integrity Constraints and SQL3
13 Distributed Databases
14. Object Oriented Database
15. Data Warehouse and OLAP
16. Data Mining
17. Web Databases and XML
18. Emerging Database Technologies

Edition/Regulation 1st
Writer G. K Gupta
ISBN-10 007107273X
ISBN-13 9780071072731
Publication Mcgraw Hill Education

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