Data Communication and Networking
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Data Communication and Networking



  • Introduction to Data Communication
  • Basic Concepts
  • OSI Model and Networks
  • Signals
  • Transmission of Digital Data : Interfaces and Modems
  • Transmission Media
  • Multiplexing
  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Local Area Network
  • Metropolitan Area Network
  • Switching
  • Point-to-Point Protocol
  • Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN)
  • X.25
  • Frame Relay
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • Networking and Internet Working Devices
  • An Overview of TCP / IP
  • FAQ with Answers
  • Glossary
  • Past University Exam Papers


By: L. Mathu Krithigha Venkatesh
For: B.C.A. & Other Professional Courses.
Publication Margham Publication
Writer L. Mathu Krithigha Venkatesh
ISBN-10 9381430888
ISBN-13 9789381430880

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