Control Systems | U.A.Bakshi, V.U. Bakshi
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Control Systems


Systems and their Representation Basic elements in control systems - Open and closed loop systems - Electrical analogy of mechanical and thermal systems - Transfer function - Synchros - AC and DC servomotors - Block diagram reduction techniques - Signal flow graphs. Time Response Time response - Time domain specifications - Types of test input - I and II order system response - Error coefficients - Generalized error series - Steady state error - Root locus construction - Effects of P, PI, PID modes of feedback control - Time response analysis. Frequency Response Frequency response - Bode plot - Polar plot - Determination of closed loop response from open loop response - Correlation between frequency domain and time domain specifications - Effect of lag, Lead and lag-lead compensation on frequency response analysis. Stability and Compensator Design Characteristics equation - Routh Hurwitz criterion - Nyquist stability criterion - Performance criteria - Lag, Lead and lag-Lead networks - Lag/Lead compensator design using Bode plots. State Variable Analysis Concept of state variables - State models for linear and time invariant systems - Solution of state and output equation in controllable canonical form - Concepts of controllability and observability - Effect of state feedback.

Author : U.A. Bakshi, V.U. Bakshi

Language : English

Publisher : Technical Publications

ISBN :9789333202046

Length: 680 pages

Publication Technical Publications
Writer U.A.Bakshi, V.U. Bakshi
ISBN-10 9333202048
ISBN-13 9789333202046

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