Computer System Architecture | Morris Mano
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Language: English

Publisher: Pearson Publication

ISBN: 8131700704, 9788131700709

Edition : 3rd

Pages: 542


Written by M. Morris Mano, an expert on digital system design, this book is an introductory text on designing computer hardware.
Summary Of The Book
Computer System Architecture is an introductory book for learning how to design computer hardware. The book has been written for people who may not have any prior knowledge of computer hardware. However, one is required to be aware of assembly language programming with a microcomputer. The book can be used for a course on computer hardware system by students of computer engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science.
The first three chapters cover topics related to digital logic design such as Digital Logic Circuits and Digital Components, and Data Representation. The book goes on to cover key topics related to computer system architecture such as Programming the Basic Computer, Pipeline and Vector Processing, Computer Arithmetic, Memory Organization, and Multiprocessors. A good mix of practice problems are provided in all the chapters. The sections on Pipeline and Vector Processing and on Multiprocessors are latest additions in this third edition of the book. Two new sections have also been added on RISC architecture.

About M. Morris Mano
M. Morris Mano is an educator and author of handbooks on digital system design.
Mano has written several books on his area of expertise, including Digital Design, Digital Logic and Computer Design, Logic And Computer Design Fundamentals, and Computer Logic Design (Automatic Computation).

Edition/Regulation 3e
Publication Pearson
Writer Morris Mano
ISBN-10 8131700704
ISBN-13 9788131700709

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