Computer Organization and Design | David A Patterson,John L Hennsey
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Computer Organization and Design byDavid A Patterson,John L Hennsey

The book,Computer Organisation and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, is a bestseller of its kind and keeps the readers informed on the latest trends in the field, which includes the change to multi-core microprocessors. This edition throws light on the need for the embedded computing industry in the Asian subcontinent. In addition to that, the book also presents the ARM processor, which is a well-known instruction set architecture that is designed for embedded instruments, to examine the computers instruction set and arithmetical functions. A CD also comes along with this book and contains compilers and simulators with instructions regarding their use, and detailed information for advanced readers.

John L. Hennessyis a well-known author, educator, and scientist in the United States and is currently the president at Stanford University. The author has completed his B.E in electrical engineering, followed by his M.Sc in Computer Science. Apart from that, the author also holds a doctoral degree in Computer Science. Apart from this book, the author has also writtenComputer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, which is a bestseller.David Andrew Pattersonis a renowned author and computer educator in the Unites States, currently holding the position of a lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, teaching computer science. The author was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois, and completed B.A and M.S from the University of California. He later completed his doctoral studies in the year 1976.


Language: English

Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers

ISBN-10: 8131222748

ISBN-13: 9788131222744

Length: 714 Pages

Edition/Regulation 4th Edtion(ARM Edition)
Publication Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Writer David A Patterson,John L Hennsey
ISBN-10 8131222748
ISBN-13 9788131222744

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